Rebecca- Joining

86’H x 46” background, 86’H x 12” front, left side, 86″ x 24″ front center, 86″ x 12″ front, right side
Four hand-cut Tyvek scrolls and 4 wooden rods

Price upon request.

Storytelling is central to this series of cut-fiber panels. The blade-cut, intricate compositions are mostly landscape based and feature symbolic motifs—flora, fauna, and reflecting myths, fables, and folklore about the women named in the Old Testament. The large sheets are hung from the ceiling and away from the wall so that directed light casts strong shadows behind them, a nod to the flickering, fire-lit rituals of our paleo ancestors. Fiber cutting is a means of making drawing three-dimensional for the lacy panels entice us with their complexity and content.
This piece has four scrolls. Three white scrolls represent a veil and are placed in front of large background scroll. In the Old Testament’s story of Rebecca and Isaac, Rebecca covered herself with a veil so that her husband to be could not see what his bride looked like. Face coverings, veils, and masks have a long history and are often controversial. Rebecca’s need to veil herself as an act of love, humility, and faith. Isaac’s acceptance of his veiled bride reflected his love and faith. This work is part of my Women of the Old Testament series.

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