How Does Your Garden Grow?

How Does your Garden Grow? Consist two Jacob Ladder books. One side of the Jacob Ladder’s books contains printed images of original paintings of plants, which have been used to assist abortions, and the other side has information of how each plant was used in abortions.

The Jacobs’ ladder format references the child’s toy and has biblical implications. The paintings of the plants are impressions of the plants. They are not botanically accurate paintings. Nor are the instructions, formulas, and information about the plants, any more than vague descriptions of what these plants were used for and how they were used.

These books are not meant to guide or instruct women on how to obtain abortions through these particular means. These plants are not viable options to reproductive health. They are meant to only be impressions of the past and predictions for the future.

Can be viewed at the Special Collections, Tutt Library, Colorado College.

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